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Spotlight Service

Postby Princess MeowsePad » Fri Jun 24, 2016 4:58 am

The Spotlight service will work as follows:
1. You make a request using the template below.
2. A promotion staff member will tag your topic indicating that he/she will complete the spotlight.
3. The promotion staff member will take up to seventy-two hours to write a detailed recommendation for your site.
4. After posting the recommendation in your topic, the staff member will then PM you a few things that you could do to make your site even better.

There are a couple of rules, however. :( Don't worry! They're not too bad.

1. To request, you must have at least ten posts on Obonsville.
2. Please make sure that your site has a little bit of content on it before requesting. While we always wish you success, we may have to decline to spotlight your site if it doesn't have enough content on it yet. If that happens, please don't take it personally; you are more than welcome to request when your site has a bit more content. We sometimes just may not have enough to write if your site is very new. :)

The cost of this service is 5 Obonsdollars.
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