What's your religion?

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What's your religion?

Postby Naiwen » Thu Jul 21, 2016 1:28 pm

gamerzreef wrote:Source of the post I believe in God. The higher being.

This, God is our Lord and Creator, thats it, thats all for me.
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What's your religion?

Postby Kaynil » Fri Sep 23, 2016 1:47 am

For the need to put me into a box let's say I am Christian. I believe in God and Jesus as our saviour.
However I don't follow a denomination or consider myself part of the organised religion. I think our spiritual endeavours are a personal thing that I rather just share with people I trust.

alakazam wrote:Source of the post
MyZeus wrote:Source of the post I follow the "Christianity" religion however I don't try to force people to following my religion nor my beliefs. I believe they are free to make their own choices. My view on this is how would you feel is the tables were turned on you and someone wanted to take your right to your own beliefs away so I don't hold a double standard and attempt to force others into my religion.
So, basically, "I know the path to salvation, but I don't bother guiding the people I care about on that path because they are free to choose whether they want to be destroyed or look for the path to salvation themselves"... :rolleyes:
A person saying I respect when people say "no" is not the same as saying they won't be bothering at all. If your goal is to have people listen to what you have to say you need to first care about them enough to respect them.
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